How to change your life in 10 months: 10 steps (2023)

Small changes made consistently over time make the biggest difference in your life.

You can be, do, or have almost anything if you set goals, are patient, and do the little things every day that add up.

Small steps taken every day are the best way to transform your life and reach your goals. Successful people understand this. My boxing coach once told me:

“Bad things happen quickly. Good things take time."

Every “overnight success story”, whether in entrepreneurship, art, sports or otherwise, is usually the result of years of dedicated, conscious and incremental activity. The vast majority of people never achieve successful results because they don't understand this.

Every significant, lasting, and impactful life change is the result of small decisions a person makes every day to set themselves up for long-term success.

In this article, you'll learn the principles you need to apply to take every aspect of your life from crappy to great.

I know these principles work to make almost anything achievable because I've used them to:

  • sober bridge
  • quit pornography
  • It is fine
  • Compete in professional boxing.
  • earn a bachelor's degree in physics
  • Earn 6-figure residual income no matter the location

We overestimate what we can do in the short term and underestimate what we can do in the long term.

– Arthur C. Clarke

If you want your life to look completely different 2 years from now, the following habits and decisions you make every day will have a significant impact on your life. The changes will be barely noticeable at first, but one day you will look around and your dreams will come true.

Decide that you want your life to improve.

I've never met anyone who wanted to change their life and didn't. All it takes is one decision.

If they didn't get it, they really don't want to.

First of all, you need to have one thing clear:

A goal without a plan is just a dream. It's not a way to change your life.

That doesn't mean these people don't want the benefits of a transformed life. Everyone wants more of the good and less of the bad. The desire for an excellent life is as omnipresent as the need for water.

Life is not changed by wishes alone.

A vivid imagination coupled with ill will is the only way to shape reality the way you want it. But before willpower and creativity comes the decision: Are you tired of the way you are now? If so, are you committed to doing something to ensure things are different next year?

This is the most important part of the switch. This is at the heart of all self-improvement advice. Make the decision to improve and discover things along the way to do so. But it all starts with that decision.

All the decision requires is a departure from old habits. From now on, you will do things in a new way that will bring you closer to what you want.

learn to suffer

The problem with modern life is that it's too easy. In Victorian times, the poor of the developing world did better than kings.

Our food is plentiful, our water is drinkable, our homes are air-conditioned, and we live in the safest time in history. You don't have to be strong, smart or capable. Otherwise, life won't be great, but you won't end up in the homeless shelter either.

The ease of life we ​​have today has made people allergic to the idea of ​​being uncomfortable.

Why exercise to stay in shape when 70% of the population is overweight? Why learn more to get more when ramen noodles are $1 for a 4-pack and Netflix is ​​$9.99 a month?Why are you improving your life for the better?Dating prospects when there's the easy fruit of Tinder and Pornhub?

Why create a good habit when bad habits are not just accepted but celebrated? However, if you want to improve your station in life, you must accept doing the hard stuff. The only way to become the best version of yourself is to go through some of the worst things life has to offer.

People will expend more energy by avoiding hard work.this makes them better than the actual job requirements. Modernity has made us so averse to discomfort. We'd rather work hard to avoid hard work than use the same energy to meet the challenge and make our lives more enjoyable.

If you learn to suffer a little more than the average person, you can have a lot more than the average person. Things of value tend to be hard to get, and things that are hard to get require suffering almost by definition.

Use your imagination to imagine a successful life

Your imagination is a powerful tool to transform your life. You just need practice.

Before you can make it better, you have to imagine what looks better. Even if you can't imagine what a better life is like, you know what your bad situation is like now. You don't have to see exactly where you will be, but you can imagine any number of lives different from the one you currently have.

The vision doesn't have to be perfect. You don't need the best visualization of the future. It doesn't even have to be realistic. You just need to see your physical environment in a slightly different light.

This is the part where people get stuck because they lack imagination. When you lack imagination, you are forced to accept what is around you as it appears.

I'm not saying you have to believe you'll be in a better place. You have to see this. Allow yourself to dream a little.

How to change your life in 10 months: 10 steps (1)

Make a habit of visualizing the future.

Don't worry if it comes to fruition or not. Often we don't think about how it could be better because we don't want to be disappointed if it doesn't work out.

What I propose is different.

I'm telling you to enjoy dreaming. The only disappointment is when you have a clear idea of ​​how things should be and aren't.

That's why writing down your goals works so well.Write your goals for your life., turn what you imagine into something physical you can manipulate, making it even more likely to come true.

You can only imagine that feeling of having more control and being in a better place. This will lead you to make positive choices that will make you more likely to experience the feeling you envisioned.

If you make enough of these small changes that help you feel consistently better about your life, the world will eventually reflect your thoughts.

Avoid avoidable problems

You can't have a great life if you're constantly reacting to preventable problems.

I remember when they gave me an $800 boot on my car.

If I had just paid my parking tickets I wouldn't have had any problems. Individual parking tickets cost between $30 and $60. Of course, if you had only paid for the meter, you wouldn't have lost those tickets in the first place.

This is an example of whatNOYes. This was a preventable problem that I did nothing to prevent.

Saving extra money instead of spending it on things that are bad for your health is one of the best ways to be proactive.

Just because you can't predict the future doesn't mean you should be surprised. It's very difficult to get ahead in life if you keep getting dragged into things you didn't bother to do when the opportunity first presented itself.

Face problems before they escalate and see how easily changes manifest in your life.

be nicer

As much as we delight in the myth of the self-made person, no one ever does it alone. It doesn't matter how big or small the change is. You will need help.

Remember: Nobody is obligated to help you. People's lives are already busy enough.

They have their own problems and issues to deal with. To have the best chance of getting help, you need to give people a good reason to help you. At least the person must communicate in such a way that he does not make enemies.

This means you need to control how you express yourself. You must ensure that any questions you ask and any answers you give are done in a confident, relaxed, non-excited tone of voice.

You don't have to be positive all the time, but your well-being and success depend on whether or not people like you.

It was not your answer that caused the problem. It was the tone in which you gave your answer. This is a common problem in people who are not progressing in life. They simply don't know how their communication will be received.

As a family friend used to tell me, "It's not what you said, it's how you said it."

What will make a big difference in your life is your ability to control your temper and non-verbal cues. If people have told you that you look annoyed, roll your eyes, or raise your voice when dealing with normal people, chances are you're poor.

You are likely to stay that way because when people say yes, say no. Because you know everything, you deserve to be spoken to as if you are someone special and it would be difficult to change and become an effective communicator.

Practice a little self-awareness and see how much easier it is to achieve any goal that requires the collaboration of others.


Poor people love to say they "deserve" the best.

Instead of working for it, they prefer to finance it or pay it back with a loan.

Of course, all lenders know this and give credit lines to people who shouldn't have them. For example, I saw my cousin buy a car that he couldn't afford on two separate occasions because of these "all-in" type places.

I'm not saying it's the dealership's fault if they lend to people who can't pay; after all, it's just a business. I am saying that the world does nothing to discourage stupidity and many people remain poor because of their stupidity. Of course, he defaulted on the loan and got the car back both times.

There's nothing wrong with believing that you deserve the best. The problem is when you refuse to do the work to get the best things and take shortcuts to get them.

This keeps him poor because not only does he never work, he never learns skills to achieve anything. You just sulk, get jealous, live beyond your means, or even worse, commit a crime to get what you think you deserve.

If you feel you deserve to "live your best life", start working for that life today and everyday for the future.

When you start working instead of thinking you're earning something, it's only then that you can make changes in your life.

Physics teaches that time and space are inextricably linked.

Most people think that a decision will manifest itself immediately. If things don't go fast, they give up and go back to the way they were before.

The irony of impatience is that it guarantees you'll wait forever to get what you want. Success is paid with hard work and patience, not desires and demands.

face your fears

I don't care what you say;

Everyone is afraid of something.This is part of being human.

The problem is when you allow those fears to stop you from doing things that will change your life for the better. Although fear creates negative thoughts, they don't force you to stop progressing because of them.

How to change your life in 10 months: 10 steps (2)

It's tragic when the only reason you're not acting is because you're afraid of what people will think. That's because it's convenient to know exactly what everyone is thinking about you, and you don't want to change where you are, for better or for worse.

The greatest personal growth occurs when you step out of your comfort zone. Only by facing your fears can you overcome obstacles on your path to personal growth.

I remember that one of the reasons it took me so long to get sober was fear. I didn't want people to think of me as a guy who couldn't control his drinking. It wasn't until I wanted to improve my life more than be in control that I was able to stop drinking and make big life changes.

Your best life is overcoming what you fear.

always aha

Before anything changes in your life, you have to act. You cannot exist in a passive state and expect the world to make things happen for you. You must advance the problem.

The universe unites behind those who embark on the path of great deeds. Every day you do is one day less until you reach your goal. When you decide to change your own life, the universe recognizes it.

You will discover opportunities and talents that you never knew existed. That sounds esoteric, but I've seen it too many times to doubt it.

That's why procrastination is a bad habit. When you hesitate, you hesitate about the one thing that will really make a difference in your life: doing something. Even if you make a mistake or act rashly, it's better than sitting around waiting for someone else to do things for you.

It only takes one small action to move you towards your goals. Changes first take place in the mind. Then your actions will reflect the change. Ultimately, your surroundings will bear little resemblance to anything you've ever known.

You don't have to do thisto improveMoves you just have to makesomeHe moves to reach his goal.

Get ready to get tough

If you need a guarantee before you do anything, people who aren't afraid of risk will smoke you.

You have to get comfortable with the unknown. At the very least, you should tolerate the thought that you won't always have the right answer.

Despite your best efforts, you will make mistakes and make mistakes. Even if you're right sometimesLife is not fairand you still find yourself on the wrong side of things.

In order. These things are intended to weed out people who are not serious about being and living better. If you don't have a clear vision and commitment to your goals, these mistakes will bring you down.

However, when you have a clear vision, something else happens. Even the failures and disappointments you experience along the way can teach you something that can only be learned the hard way.

The only guarantee is that shit will happen. It does not guarantee that you will learn from it. That doesn't guarantee it won't happen again, even if you learn from it.

However, if you do everything in this article, no matter what this life throws at you, it will be easier for you to bounce back and change your life. To remember:

The goal is not an easy life, but a meaningful one.

And meaning comes mostly from overcoming difficult challenges.

be patient

“Bad things happen quickly. Good things take time."

Just because you're making the changes now doesn't mean you'll see results right away. That's why it's important to focus on the process, not the outcome, when making changes in your life.

No one becomes the master of a domain instantly. As a beginner, you don't even start.

If you are making a change that will improve your life, start as a beginner. These are new habits and new skills that will replace bad habits and disrupt your life. This leads to more positive changes and better decisions that will take you to a new place.

You may never be the best, but you will be better than if you had done nothing.

Because they are new, not only will you have to get used to them, but it will take time for the results to manifest. The growth starts small at first, but it amplifies and you can take bigger steps in less time.

But you have to be patient. The time it takes to change your life is the time it takes.

Remember: Rome wasn't built in a day, but Hiroshima was destroyed overnight.

A summary of 10 steps to change your life in 10 months:

  1. Decide you want better
  2. learn to suffer
  3. Use your imagination to see a better life
  4. Change your life
  5. let people love you
  6. Stop thinking you deserve anything
  7. face your fears
  8. always aha
  9. Get ready to get tough
  10. Be patient

It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life for me and I'm feeling good!

-Nina Simone

Now that you know how best to transform your life, something interesting is going to happen. People will tell you that you've changed, but your new you has nothing in common with your old surroundings.

It's okay because you made the decision. The decision to change your life. The decision to reach your goals. A decision most will never make.


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