Pink Lie: Episode 9 Recap - Order matters! (2023)

Pink Lie: Episode 9 Recap - Order matters! (1)

Park Hangyeol surprises the members by revealing hispink lieduring the house party. Will the truth change the game? Later, the Pink Moon appears, heralding a nocturnal journey.

MC:Kim Hee Chul, Lee Sun Bin, Song Won Seok, RalRal

female cast:Seo Hanui, Han Daon, Kang Dahae, Park Haneul, Bae Seulbi

male cast:Park Hangyeol, Mo Chansol, Han Bareum, Hong Hanu, Kang Taeyang

Episode 9 - Order counts!

With hearts still in crisis, a new day begins at 'Casa Rosada'. Daon and Taeyang are still avoiding each other and haven't spoken to each other since the alarm incident. Meanwhile, Hangyeol is going to Seoul for an interview. She discovers that the "ideal type" text on day 5 is from him, not Hanu. A complete and unexpected turn of events, but she thinks he's too young...

Pink Lie House-Party

A special house party is being prepared for the Pinkmates today where dress code appliespink lie~ After getting ready, they go to the big party.Our power couple Chansol and Dahae appear together and look like the guests of honor. After everyone has toasted, it's party time! Cheers ~ The food is so well prepared and looks so delicious!

Pink Lie: Episode 9 Recap - Order matters! (2)

In the middle of dinner the 'Pink Moon' suddenly plays. Now they can check the contents of the mysterious envelopes, but are not allowed to share them with others. These are the undelivered texts of the 6th and 7th, along with the names of the senders. As a reminder, the instruction for those days was to send it to the person you really have feelings for.


Chansol ↔ Dahae


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Taeyangit is coming


Hangyeol → Daon


Tag 7:

Chansol ↔ Dahae



Taeyang and Hangyeol→ Sim

Hanui, Seulbi and DaonBreathe

Pink Lie: Episode 9 Recap - Order matters! (3)

While Chansol and Dahae shyly cover their faces and grin from ear to ear, others feel complicated emotions... Hangyeol and Hanui didn't receive any text messages both days. Bareum had no word from Seoulbi on the 7th and is confused but clinging to hope. Taeyang is in shock, he can no longer trust. Daon texted her on the 6th "I want to write the last chapter with you" but nothing on the 7th. Would she still be interested if he didn't get jealous? On the 7th, Taeyang Daon sent, "Even if we were to start over, it would be you." It made her heart race. But now he also pays attention to Hangyeol, who confessed his feelings. Hanu, suspecting Daon wasn't interested, got his message: "I hope you don't end up becoming indifferent." Hmm...

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Park Hangyeol's pink lie

As dinner continues, the 'Pink Moon' reappears with a new message: 'In this place someone's lie will be exposed.' I sigh... Hangyeol cries and says that today he wanted to expose his lie. It was emotionally very difficult and uncomfortable for him...

“I … run a wedding photography studio. And I'm not 25, but I, Park Hangyeol, am 37.” wow noOh Baby Maknae! It turns out to be the oldest hyung!

Pink Lie: Episode 9 Recap - Order matters! (4)

By age 20, he was a stage actor, earning 500,000 won a month and struggling to make ends meet. As a result, he even had depression. But at the age of 30, his life took a big turn when he learned to photograph. Now that he's 37, he feels pressured to consider marriage. So, in order to return to a time when she was free to date, she decided to lie about her age.

Now that your secret is out, you can change the game. Seulbi, who never considered Hangyeol due to his young age, sees him in a different light now. "He was just a good friend back then. But now I see him as a man," she said.

On the other hand, Taeyang has a nervous breakdown over the exposure. In order to get a reaction, Hangyeol intentionally acted immature towards him. Taeyang, thinking he had crossed the line, disciplined him. Now he regrets it ... In a state of shock, he is tense and shaking ... He can no longer trust anyone, he cannot calm down and wants to leave the program ...

Pink Lie: Episode 9 Recap - Order matters! (5)

a night trip

'Pink Moon' returns this time with exciting news. A night ride!! Each person is invited to rank the top 5 who want to go. Those chosen from each other will be combined while the others will be combined randomly based on the list.

Hanu can't make up his mind and calls Daon into the dining room for a private chat. And he wants to know how she would feel if he were dating someone else. "Go," she says. After the 5 dates, he didn't text her. Actions speak louder than words for them. After receiving no messages from him, it becomes clear that he has no feelings for her. But he claims he's still not sure how he feels, and can't even remember sending both texts to Haneul. In reality? I doubt it... Sensing that he knows what they have in common and how well they get along, she explains that it doesn't mean it turns into romantic feelings. In the end it's his choice, so she tells him to do whatever he wants.

Pink Lie: Episode 9 Recap - Order matters! (6)

The conversation with Daon ended with no end for Hanu. After rejoining the group, he motions for Haneul to go upstairs to talk. He directly addresses his insecurity about Daon and is still weighing his options between the two. She then complains that none of them make her feel safe. That's absurd... He's looking for security when he's so dull himself. But Haneul is already aware of this and tells him that he only has one person in mind. That plus the text messages she sent him over the two days. She urges Hanu, who is in a bind, to go on a journey with Daon. Be clear about your feelings and let him know later. He thanks her for her understanding.

Haneul returns to her room and confides in Seulbi that she's sure she's not Hanu's first choice."He wasn't sure about Daon, not about me," she says. "So, in a way... I'm like your safety net." It definitely doesn't feel good to be someone's second choice...

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Pink Lie: Episode 9 Recap - Order matters! (7)

water or fire?

At the same time, Daon confides in Dahae that Hanu is not for her. And in a way they said goodbye today. Chansol joins the chat because Daon needs advice on Taeyang. After their first meeting, she fell in love with him, but began to have doubts. Then there is Hangyeol, who continues to respect and support her unconditionally. "Taeyang is like fire, like a spicy taste," she says. "And Hangyeol is like water, a lake." For Dahae I would choose constant water. Chansol, believing fire can be passionate, doesn't comment on... Firewater? Who will Daon choose?

Results of the overnight trip

Feelings get more complicated over time. After struggling with the decision, Daon texts her. In the room, Hanu says, "Daon, let's embark on the journey together." She cheekily replies, "Okay." Everyone has sent their text messages and the results are in...

Barum, Seoul

Chansol and Dahae

Only two pairs were each paired as first picks. Meanwhile chaos at the rest...

Breathe, Haneul

taeyang e daon

Hangyeol nach Hanui

Pink Lie: Episode 9 Recap - Order matters! (8)

Hanu, ranking Daon first and Haneul second, thought of choosing Daon. Hanu is actually Daon's third choice... Angry, he says, "Daon-ah... so you really are a fox!" Right in front of everyone! OMG... Then he says "Bye..." and gets up angrily to leave the room like a grumpy child who hasn't gotten his way...

Daon: #1 Taeyang

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Taeyang: #1 Haneul, #2 Daon

Haneul: #1 Hangyeol, #2 Hanu

Breathe: #1 Breathe

Hangyeol: #1 Daon

After not talking to Taeyang, Daon still chose fire over water... He seems to be craving that spicy taste! Will it turn to ashes? Meanwhile, Hangyeol's top 2 picks, Daon and Seulbi, didn't pick him... So they paired him with Hanui, who was their fourth pick...

its consequences

Hanu goes back into the living room and sends Haneul upstairs to talk again... What...? He has the nerve to complain to his friend and ask if this is some kind of joke... Haneul is too nice. with this attention seeker. "Am I a weakling?" She asks. Meanwhile, he continues to moan, "How dare that fox do this to me...?" Wow, what right does this guy have to behave like that... He's so inconsiderate to Haneul's feelings... That's so insulting!

Pink Lie: Episode 9 Recap - Order matters! (9)

In the interview, Haneul said, "I wonder if that was so annoying... But he wasn't a man. I thought Daon was showing interest in different guys like Hanu is with us. But on this show, that's not the case. ". necessarily doing something bad".

With little time to make the final decision, an overnight trip can be a crucial turning point. Will it be an opportunity for new emotions? Or will it create even more chaos...?

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