The "succession" is over - and it was never about who would win (2023)

Shiv (Sarah Snook) has made her decisions - and she's going to live with them.HBO Hide title

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The "succession" is over - and it was never about who would win (2)

Shiv (Sarah Snook) has made her decisions - and she's going to live with them.


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Matson's alliance with Shiva falls apart when Greg spies on a meeting where Matson reveals his real choice for the new US CEO: Tom. Kendall was able to unite the brothers in a plan to go out of business with GoJo and appoint him CEO, but when the time came, Shiv decided against it. GoJo bought Waystar, Tom became CEO, and Kendall wandered aimlessly around New York while Roman drank.


Always bet on a woman named after a knife.

At the start of this episode, it looked like we were about to have a showdown between Kendall and Shiv, where she was trying to go through with the GoJo deal (and become the new boss) and he was trying to stop her (and the new boss to become). ). But while Kendall and Shiv both took their mother to the Caribbean in search of the absent Roman, Matsson instead decided to court Tom for the top spot — claiming, among other things, that they shouldn't have sex with Shiv because he had sex with Shiv could have wanted to employ. While Shiv and Kendall were arguing and Roman was trying to stay away, Greg, who had managed to overhear Matson and Oscar using a translation app, called Kendall to break the news: Shiv was out.

Lukas Matsson (Alexander Skarsgård) wins the GoJo Deal.David M. Russell/HBO Hide title

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David M. Russell/HBO

Lukas Matsson (Alexander Skarsgård) wins the GoJo Deal.

David M. Russell/HBO

Greg relayed this information to Kendall. And Kendall used it to get Shiv and Roman on his side. The three agreed to fight together to prevent the deal and make Kendall boss. But things got complicated when they returned to New York and Shiv learned that Matson planned to choose Tom. And when she arrived at Waystar and actually watched Kendall take over her father's office in anticipation of his takeover, she began to look ill. And when it was the end, when there was a tie and she called the shots, she left. Kendall and Roman followed her, and she broke the news — she couldn't do it.


How composer Nicholas Britell created the sound of "Succession".

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As "Succession" ends, the family must confront a terrifying truth about themselves

People will have all kinds of explanations as to why Shiv took this path. Maybe she felt sorry for Tom and felt she owed him something. Perhaps she couldn't get over the many things Kendall had done to her, from the time he played Nirvana's "Rape Me" over the Waystar speakers while she talked to the fact that he and Roman were together all season spent doing so. that they don't, to the fact that Kendall and Roman tried to hand over the land to Jared Menken. Perhaps she felt she had a better chance of maintaining a connection with the company through her husband than through her brother, and realized that this was the only way. Maybe, in a way, he knew that Kendall really wasn't qualified.

Also, as he mentioned, he killed someone.

The car accident at the end of Season 1, in which Kendall overdid and killed a young waiter at Shiv's wedding, has been dormant all season since the fateful scene in Tuscany after Caroline's wedding where Kendall confesses to his brothers. . They never talked about it, never brought it up — even when Shiv and Kendall were seemingly very honest on the parts of America Decides, they never touched on it or mentioned it. So it looked like he would never show up again. But... shouldn't it show up again? If it had come to a bitter showdown between Kendall and Shiv, it's hard to believe she wouldn't have mentioned it. And in the end, in the heat, he did.

Kendall (Jeremy Strong) found out. There. Shut up.HBO Hide title

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The "succession" is over - and it was never about who would win (8)

Kendall (Jeremy Strong) found out. There. Shut up.


After all, Shiv and Tom are in their car together, not really together - she puts her hand in his but doesn't really hold it. However, with the birth of a child, it is likely that they will return to a stable marriage that could finally offer Shiva a path back to Waystar. Shiv is a woman who has had limited opportunities throughout her life. Her father offered her a top job and took her back. She was cut off from her brothers. Her husband doesn't even think that she should have children because she is incapable of loving. She made her decisions. He will live with them.


In a way, his storysuccessorKendall always succeeded his father. At first it was literal. This meant that he would take the position of CEO of Waystar Royce. The question always seemed to be yes or no: Will Kendall take over?

He came painfully close. Watching Jeremy Strong play Kendall's confident, calm side during the first part of the board meeting was so painful because it felt so easy. It can't be that easy. Realizing potential problems with Roman, Kendall became a father to him, hugging and comforting him to try to solve the problem. He even brought back his one loyal friend, Stewy, to back him up — to be "Team Ken."

For a brief moment, all the brothers were on "Team Ken".HBO Hide title

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The "succession" is over - and it was never about who would win (10)

For a brief moment, all the brothers were on "Team Ken".


It wasn't enough. He kept his brother and sister in his corner for a while. They spent a cozy and fun get together at her mom's house and we got one last glimpse of Kendall in the water after taking all the water photos with him throughout the show as he managed to experience his greatest moment of triumph when he but water sat out on the dock, with his brother and sister swimming near him.

They even had a really nice moment together, reminiscing about their father as they watched him have a pretty standard dinner with his friends while they shared Logan's belongings in the video that Connor was playing. In fact, in that middle part, Kendall was happier than we've ever seen him. He couldn't hold on.


The only brother who seemed a little happier at the end of this episode than at the beginning was Roman, and for one simple reason: he accepted who he was and who his brothers were, and didn't fight anymore. He said to Kendall that Kendall is [garbage] and Roman is [garbage] and Shiv is [garbage] and they are all [garbage] and so it is. Frivolous people, as her father says. And after finally sneaking out of the Waystar building and finding his way to a bar where no one wanted to involve him in drama, he drank a martini. And he smiled.

The "succession" is over - and it was never about who would win (11)

Roman (Kieran Culkin) was the only sibling who seemed happier at the end of the episode than at the beginning.HBO Hide title

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There's a good argument that Kieran Culkin was this season's MVP if I had to pick just one, in part because he effortlessly alternated between genuinely loveable moments like the funeral and horrific moments like his behavior on election night. That ugly side of Roman came out again when he decided to tell Kendall that Shiv was the true bloodline and that Kendall's children were fake - at least that's what Logan said. This predictably leads to a physical altercation that gives Shiv enough room to den to leave space and vote Matsson for the company.


Tom didn't get the lead role at the end of the series for a masterpiece, a brilliant move, or a crazy move. Tom earned his leadership position as a reliable vacuum cleaner who never gave it a second thoughtanythingexcept that he follows authority where it leads. He has no principles, no special skills - but since he has no pride either, he was always ready to say "yes" in the truest sense of the word.AndI will betray my wifeAndI'm going to jail because of youAndI will accept this position, which you expressly offer me, because you know that I will not achieve anything.AndI will deny my wife and my child's mother that you are stabbing her in the back andAndI'll take that into account, even if it's partly because you're a gross, sexist jerk.And,And,And.

Tom (Matthew Macfadyen) rightly followed the force wherever it led.HBO Hide title

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The "succession" is over - and it was never about who would win (13)

Tom (Matthew Macfadyen) rightly followed the force wherever it led.


Tom may have done better than anyone in this world precisely because he didn't grow up there. Tom understands how these people feel about power because he had to learn it to survive. He wasn't born with any assets other than being malleable. He's the closest thing to a pencil sharpener, although his biggest concern in prison was forgetting to flush the wine down the toilet. In the absence of principle and faith, humiliation by any means necessary—playing the pig on the floor, sitting still while a sexist belittles your wife—is all that is left to gain or maintain your position. And in the end, you too could end up being the front runner, elevated by someone who has no faith in you, who could get even more ridiculously rich without earning an extra minute of respect from anyone.

Good end?

I think it's the finale of this show. It seems Kendall's eventual failure was inevitable. And this season focuses heavily on men whose horrible behavior towards women is undeniable. So it makes perfect sense that Siobhan's ultimate realization that in the man's world you can pick and choose the man who is easiest to work with was the realization that kept Kendall off the throne. Kendall once said to Shiva with trembling lips that he never would be, and he was right.

It was never about who would win. The point was always that these men would inevitably die in battle, which they did. The best endings come across as surprising, like not remembered and like they were always meant to happen. I think it passes that test.

A few more notes

The "succession" is over - and it was never about who would win (14)

Greg (Nicholas Brown) lives to sweep another day.David M. Russell/HBO Hide title

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David M. Russell/HBO

  • There have always been Greg supporters who believed that Greg would eventually take over the entire company. It always seemed far-fetched to me (even Matsson probably wouldn't trust that much money to someone who was a puke mascot maybe a year and a half ago). It always seemed like Greg would eventually betray Tom, which he did. But maybe that's because Greg worked up the courage to hit Tom when Tom attacked him in the bathroom - perhaps the most shocking moment of the finale? – Greg lives to have another day. It helps that, as far as we know, Tom has no other boyfriend in the world.
  • I really appreciated returning to Lawrence Yee, the Vaulter owner that Kendall faced in the first episode and whose business Kendall mercilessly broke up at the behest of his father. Some of his old demons have returned to Kendall as if to remind him and us that he left a trail of destruction in his wake.
  • Everyone praises the great Harriet Walter, who was as brilliantly enigmatic as Kendall, Shiv and Roman's mother. Here you might find the nicest version of her, she just wants her kids to visit her and stop fighting.
  • It was a little disappointing to see so little of Gerri in this episode, but her brief glimpse was a real kick. Whatever is going on with Roman, the sight of Gerri turns him on emotionally, either because he let her down, because she's mad at him, because he's still in love with her, because she still loves him. Pali because she still wants to be a mom to her...maybe one of my only regrets is that we don't get another season of this dynamic.
  • What do I say? It's one of my favorite shows. Great acting, script, direction... and a lot of fun to talk to. Thank you for reading.


The "succession" is over - and it was never about who would win? ›

Kendall told Shiv once, with quivering lip, that it would never be him, and he was right. The point was never who was going to win. The point was always that these people would inevitably destroy themselves in the battle, which they did.

Who wins at the end of Succession? ›

Gerri Kellman (J. Smith-Cameron) stays winning with her payout and now has the Roys out of her hair for good and it seems a new position with Tom.

Why did Shiv vote against Kendall? ›

What Was Shiv Thinking When She Left the Boardroom? What's most shocking about it isn't really the result itself, but rather how it happened. Shiv votes against her brothers and is in favor of selling the family business to a selfish and treacherous tech mogul.

Why did Shiv pick Tom? ›

in my interpretation, Shiv chose Tom over Kendall because she couldn't stand seeing Kendall win over herself. like, something primal and childish - as in, winning the firm means winning dad's love and if she couldn't have it, neither could Kendall.

What happened at the end of Succession? ›

None of the siblings took the crown, though they tore each other down till the bitter end. As the board votes to either approve or block the sale of Waystar to streaming service GoJo, Shiv (Sarah Snook) lives up to her namesake, inserting the knife into her brother's back by voting yes on the sale.

Did Tom betray Shiv on Succession finale? ›

Tom betrays Shiv by giving crucial intel to Logan during the Succession season 3 finale.

Did Logan smile at the end of Succession? ›

He's shied away from his strength, Kendall has. Logan knew in order to sacrifice himself, he would have to do it through his family. He figured that the one chance he had was to make Kendall into the killer. That's why, at the end, he smiles.

Are Kendall's kids adopted? ›

Kendall shares two children with his ex-wife Rava: Sophie, whom they adopted, and Iverson. He's never had a particularly great relationship with them, but it's more as a result of his selfish pursuit of the corporate world than any resentment over his own kids.

Was Shiv in Succession pregnant? ›

In the episode immediately following Logan's death, the audience finds out that the youngest and only female sibling, Siobhan “Shiv” Roy (Sarah Snook), is pregnant.

Why did Shiv vote against Ken? ›

Strong, for his part, suggested on HBO's Succession Podcast that Shiv ultimately votes against Ken because she and Roman “just can't tolerate seeing Kendall win, in a sense.

Is Tom in love with Greg Succession? ›

But the series finale proved Succession had one pure love story: The [semi] platonic connection between Tom Wambsgans and Gregory Hirsch.

Does Tom really love Shiv? ›

Tom Has Used Shiv to Get to Power

The tragedy of their failing marriage is that Tom genuinely does love Shiv and has put her first on many occasions.

Do Shiv and Tom get divorced? ›

Best Covid-19 Travel Insurance Plans. Another interesting aspect of this pending divorce is the ownership and structure of the family business. Tom is a key figure within Waystar, and his divorce from Shiv and following Logan's death in season 4's third episode, his role going forward could be in serious question.

Are Shiv and Roman twins? ›

Roman Roy and Shiv Roy are definitely siblings in Succession, but the show has hinted that the two characters are actually twins.

What is the moral of Succession? ›

Each character understands that everyone must do what they can to get ahead. There is a mutual understanding between them that everyone is out for themselves, and that anything done for one's own sake is fair game.

What did Tom do at the end of Succession? ›

For many, the real love story of Succession is between Tom and Greg, played by Nicholas Braun. In the end, Tom keeps Greg around, despite the fact that he sold him out by telling Kendall about Matsson's plan to ditch Shiv.

Who was the mole in Succession? ›

When they are fighting it out physically, Ken discovers the mole is his brother Roman Roy who was going to take a sit-down with Naomi Pierce. Logan is furious and calls Roman a moron. Ken informs his father that no one backs him on the PGM deal. Logan plans to go ahead with it anyways.

Why does Logan call Shiv Pinky? ›

Shiv is the fourth person who can also explain Logan's nickname for her, as one fan on Reddit pointed out that “Pinky” is your fourth finger. As for Rome, Connor can take on the role of fathering Shiv when needed, such as taking her to his wedding when it seems Logan won't be attending.

Who is Connor Roy's mother? ›

The Roy Family assembles in England for Shiv and Tom's wedding. The children reunite with their mother, Caroline Collingwood.

What did Kendall Roy say at the end? ›

What does Kendall say at the end of episode 8? After a conversation with his estranged wife Rava (Natalie Gold) over the phone, where he says he'll see his kids at his father's funeral, Kendall speaks aloud in the back of his car. “Some people just can't cut a deal, Fikret,” Kendall remarks.

Who is Logan's favorite child? ›

Roman Loved Logan More Than His Siblings Did

Roman has demonstrated throughout Succession season 4 that he is the most loyal and obedient to Logan. He is the only one of his kids still keeping his interests in mind after his death.

What are Logan Roys scars on his back? ›

Once when Kendall openly insulted Logan, Logan replied with "If my uncle heard me talk like that..." alluding to his uncle's abuse and temper. Whether the abuse really happened or not is up for debate, but Logan is shown having large, deep scars on his back, which are implied to have been given by his uncle.

Is Kendall's son autistic? ›

Iverson Roy is the son of Kendall and Rava Roy, and the younger brother of Sophie Roy. Iverson is likely on the Autism spectrum.

What happened to Kendall's kids? ›

It was previously theorized that both of Kendall's children were adopted but in the Succession finale, Roman reveals that one of them was adopted, and the other was conceived with a sperm donor.

Is Kendall Roy Logan's son? ›

Kendall Logan Roy is the second son of Logan Roy from his second marriage.

Who is the father of Shiv's baby? ›

Shiv decides to finally tell Tom she is pregnant with his baby. For Succession fans, this was confirmation that she is still pregnant and that Tom is in fact the daddy. Tom did not take the news well.

Did Logan sleep with Rhea on Succession? ›

Logan named Rhea Jarrell as his successor to Waystar Royco. In an interview, actor Brian Cox confirmed Logan and Rhea did not have an affair, they simply had a professional relationship shrouded in rumor.

Why is Shiv drinking while pregnant? ›

They are both still hurt by what they said to each other. Shiv hates Tom at that moment. As an attempt to hurt him, she drinks alcohol, looking at him, knowing that this can harm Tom's baby in her womb.

What is Shiv weakness? ›

Looking at Shiva's enemy intel screen, you'll notice her obvious weakness to Fire. Shiva will become Pressured as you use fire attacks against her. In fact, consistent usage of fire attacks can even interrupt her attacks. You'll know you've interrupted Shiva when she screams and falls to the ground.

Why Shiv is the most powerful? ›

He is the Supreme Being in Shaivism, one of the major traditions within Hinduism. Shiva is known as "The Destroyer" within the Trimurti, the Hindu trinity which also includes Brahma and Vishnu. In the Shaivite tradition, Shiva is the Supreme Lord who creates, protects and transforms the universe.

Why is Shiv the destroyer? ›

Shiva, the Destroyer of Identity

Shiva, the first teacher of Yoga, is described as a destroyer because unless you destroy this identity, unless you destroy what is most valuable to you right now, what is beyond will not happen; that is the biggest barrier. It is a bubble that you are unwilling to get out of.

Is Greg rich in Succession? ›

Though Greg certainly isn't poor—his family is rich, even if Uncle Ewan won't give him any money—he's the closest thing the audience gets to an “everyman” character walking into Logan Roy's New York penthouse. We initially see the Roys' immense wealth and power from his perspective.

Does Greg lose his inheritance Succession? ›

With Tom's role in the company (and the family) in jeopardy, Greg is alone in a way he hasn't been since the pilot: He has no inheritance to fall back on, his relationship with the Roy siblings remains hostile post-backstab, and he has no skills to speak of, something that makes him an undesirable asset to the ...

Did Tom tell Logan they were coming Succession? ›

There's a new number 1 boy in town! Tom (Matthew Macfadyen) makes the biggest power move of the season (and his life) by betraying Shiv and telling Logan his kids' plan to shut down the sale of Waystar Royco.

Why did Tom eats Logan's chicken? ›

Someone has to be the fall guy and on this luxury yacht, the family discuss who it should be. After it's suggested that it should perhaps be Tom, with “Greg sprinkles”, Tom becomes overwhelmed by the tension and acts out by eating Logan's chicken.

Was Tom in love with Liz? ›

While he accepted the job initially with no romantic feelings towards Liz, he later admits to having genuinely fallen in love with her during their marriage. Liz is upset and heartbroken by this revelation, obviously.

Is Shiv the smartest Roy? ›

Shiv Roy

But despite these problems, at the moment, Shiv is the smartest and most competent Roy sibling. She's operating like a double agent between Matsson and her brothers, “keeping her options open,” as Tom puts it, for whenever the time comes to choose a side.

Is Shiv abusive to Tom? ›

Shiv's expression of love can't help but have a little violence in it,” says director Lorene Scafaria, who also breaks down Roman's folly and Kendall's surprise win in Sunday's episode, “Living+.”

Did Tom cheat on Shiv? ›

The beginning of season four of "Succession" seemed to spell the end of the marriage of Tom (Matthew Macfadyen) and Shiv (Sarah Snook). In the first episode, viewers learn that Tom and Shiv have had a trial separation for quite some time, coming off of Tom's betrayal of Shiv and her siblings in the season three finale.

How old is Shiv in Succession? ›

Shiv is the youngest sibling, as confirmed by a Succession family tree video released by HBO. Logan also nicknames Shiv “Pinky” referring to the smallest finger, which could refer to her position as the youngest. It's estimated she's in her early-to-mid thirties. Snook, who plays Shiv, is aged 35.

Who is the biological son of Shiv and Parvati? ›

ChildrenGanesha (son) Kartikeya (son) Ashokasundari (daughter)
Indo-European equivalentPriyah
14 more rows

How many kids did Shiv have? ›

How many sons did Lord Shiva have? Shiva is known to have two sons — the lovable elephant-headed god Ganesha, the destroyer of obstacles and Lord Kartikeya, the god of war.

Do Roman and Shiv have the same mom? ›

Lady Caroline Collingwood is the second wife of Logan Roy, and mother of Kendall Roy, Roman Roy and Shiv Roy.

How truthful is Succession? ›

The series itself is surprisingly accurate to real-life, despite the fact that it's a satire. As the fourth and final season of HBO's Succession approaches, it's the perfect time to look at the real-life inspiration behind the series and its characters.

Why was Succession a problem? ›

The succession problem is the problem of ensuring founders can hand off institutions they have built to other founders. The key problems here are the creation and identification of sufficient skill, together with ensuring the next founder has inherited a position of sufficient power to remake the institution.

Is Logan Roy the villain? ›

Logan Roy is the main antagonist of the HBO drama series Succession, serving as the main antagonist of the first three seasons and the overarching antagonist of the fourth and final season. He is the founder of Waystar-Royco and patriarch of the Roy family.

Why did Shiv marry Tom on Succession? ›

Shiv gains a partner who is willing to support her ambitions and acquiesce to her control, while Tom gains access to the Roy family's social status and resources.

Why is Tom's eye bruised in Succession? ›

Questionable antics seem to be his thing – the internet was abuzz at his black eye in S1E6. It seems that Shiv gave him the injury in the bedroom.

Did Tom win in Succession? ›

Tom Wambsgans won Succession. Like, the whole damn thing! He's now the CEO of Waystar. Not Kendall Roy, who's been promised the job since he was old enough to eat a sundae at Candy Kitchen while his father fed him lies about his future.

What does Tom do at the end of Succession? ›

For many, the real love story of Succession is between Tom and Greg, played by Nicholas Braun. In the end, Tom keeps Greg around, despite the fact that he sold him out by telling Kendall about Matsson's plan to ditch Shiv.

Do they vote Logan out in Succession? ›

Frank tries to stall until Kendall can arrive, but Logan refuses to leave the room and strong-arms people to vote for him, instead of his son Ken. Frank Vernon and some other people vote against Logan, but everyone else sides with him, including his son Roman.

Do Shiv and Tom end up together? ›

At the end of Succession season 4 episode 10, it's implied that Tom and Shiv will stay together, but as more of a power move than a genuine admission of love.

Are Shiv and Tom divorced? ›

Best Covid-19 Travel Insurance Plans. Another interesting aspect of this pending divorce is the ownership and structure of the family business. Tom is a key figure within Waystar, and his divorce from Shiv and following Logan's death in season 4's third episode, his role going forward could be in serious question.

Does Shiv actually love Tom? ›

Back then, they did love each other, but it became clear that the game would always be above their relationship status. For Shiv and Tom, love was never a real option. For a brief moment, it was real, but they were never all in on it at the same time.

Who did Logan cheat on Marcia with in Succession? ›

Marcia is Logan's third wife, and she's been in the show since the very beginning. However, Logan's infidelity caused a rift between them that never fully repaired. In Season 2, as Logan attempted to buy PGM, he entered into an affair with Pierce's CEO Rhea Jarrell.

Is Shiv pregnant with Tom's baby? ›

Shiv decides to finally tell Tom she is pregnant with his baby. For Succession fans, this was confirmation that she is still pregnant and that Tom is in fact the daddy.

Is Shiv Roy pregnant? ›

In the episode immediately following Logan's death, the audience finds out that the youngest and only female sibling, Siobhan “Shiv” Roy (Sarah Snook), is pregnant.


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